Lower Energy Bills

Save money on your electric bills by going solar.

Zero Cost

Many customers qualify for zero out-of-pocket costs.

No Maintenance

If something goes wrong, don't worry, it's covered.

We ensure the process is as simple and effective as possible!

If you ever had a bad experience hiring a contractor to work on your home, we
understand how you feel.
We go above and beyond to deliver a seamless experience, so you do not have to deal with inexperienced contractors.

At Green Wave Group, we aim to provide fast and easy solar installations that are cost-effective and meet your precise needs.


About Us


To ensure our clients receive a solar power system that meets their needs without overpaying, we developed Solarinity. State-of-the-art mapping software that creates a solar plan that is 99% accurate for your unique home!

Customer Service

We are a company that is 100% focused on customer service. All our solar installers go through a 3-month vetting process to ensure they have what it takes to deliver an exceptional experience. We only hire the finest and most experienced staff to handle the various aspects of our business.


We ensure that you are aware of every step we take without becoming a hassle in your life


Our team is standing by to guide you through the process at all times.


We value your satisfaction and make it a priority. If something doesn't work for you, we strive to resolve it as soon as possible.

Why Go Solar?

There are many reasons for you to switch to solar energy. Whether your motivations for going solar are environmental, economic, or personal, solar power will definitely transform your lifestyle. Explore some of the reasons and see if solar is the right option for you.

Energy Bill Savings

Switching to solar will significantly reduce your monthly energy bill. This is due to solar being completely self-sufficient. You simply maintain the equipment and provide repairs when needed. If you go with a partial solar plan, you'll utilize far less electricity and natural gas than ever before.

Tax Deductions

Some municipalities, and even entire states, offer noticeable tax rebates and deductions to residents who install solar energy equipment on their property. It leads to an overall increase in net income by reducing the amount of overall taxes you owe each year.

Environmental Responsibility

Traditional energy sources require extensive mining of coal and the collection of natural gas deposits. This creates several major environmental issues, and the use of traditional energy damages the air and the ozone layer

How It Works?

Our unique process takes all the hassle and time-consuming research off your hands and leaves you with clean, renewable energy in a timely and cost-effective manner that will allow you to save on your energy costs and maintain a certain level of self-sufficiency.
Let us handle the rest

Let us handle the rest

Upon your approval, we will take care of the entire process. You simply enjoy renewable energy and sign off on paperwork when needed.



Next, we will present a plan for you to confirm or deny our proposed plan.

Plan Development

Plan Development

After the initial consultation, we will immediately develop a unique plan that ensures your installation suits your energy needs and remains within your budget.

Speak with our energy consultant

Speak with our energy consultant

First and foremost, you will have a meeting with one of our knowledgeable and experienced energy consultants to determine your specific energy needs and what you should expect from the end-result. Each consultant is specifically trained to aid you in the decision-making process and develop a firm understanding of your individual needs.

Ready for a Custom Quote?

Every household uses different amounts of power. Our team will review your kilowatt usage and create a system size based off what you use, not what the utility company charges you. Find out how much you are overpaying.

Custom quotes include:

  • Military Veterans Discounts
  • Homeowners Warranted Coverage
  • Federal Tax Incentives
  • Utility Rebates

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